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Breathwork Practice #5 – Healing Through Breath

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Photo by Ante Gudelj on Unsplash

What is healing through breath?

Healing through breath is a practice to ease bodily pain and discomfort with our breathing patterns. This practice is a derivative of body activation breathing. The premise of this practice is that pain arises in the body due to a lack of energy flow or blockage, preventing healing. We increase the energy flow to the affected area by bringing our conscious attention to it with our breath, breathing through the area to enhance the energy flow through it.

Benefits of healing through breath:

Healing through breath brings energy through areas of physical pain and discomfort. Activating the body areas afflicted with pain will help the pain subside and will influence the healing process, easing discomfort and anxiety associated with the pain along the way. Used persistently when pain arises, this practice will speed up healing and enhance our overall well-being.

Healing Through Breath How To:

  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position

  • Keep good posture

  • Breathe through the nose

  • Focus your attention on the affected area

  • Squeeze all the muscles surrounding the affected area with a conscious awareness of the area and its pain pattern

  • As you squeeze, inhale through the area starting from the ground or from overhead, whichever is closest to the pain

  • Hold the breath in the heart center once it passes through the pain and then breathe out through the area in the opposite direction

  • Three examples:

  1. If you are experiencing knee pain - squeeze the muscles of the foot and the lower and upper leg as you breathe up from the ground through the foot, leg, and pain in the knee, into the heart, and up and out into the atmosphere

  2. If you are having wrist pain – squeeze the hands and arms as you breathe down from overhead or up from out beyond the fingertips (whichever feels better) through the arm and the pain in the wrist, into the heart, and down and out into the earth

  3. If you have a headache - squeeze the top of your head and face by lifting your eyebrows and crinkling your forehead as you breathe down from overhead through your head and face, into the heart, and down out in the earth

  • You might also squeeze and move the areas along the path of the breath, contracting and stretching to pull the breath and its energy through the area

  • Once you make it through to the end of the channel, reverse the process by drawing the breath up or down from the opposite end, squeezing and stretching the tissue and stopping in the heart along the way

  • Feel the energy flowing through the pain area

  • Pay attention to the subtleties the energy or lack thereof is telling you

  • Heal


  • Focus on following the breath as if your squeeze were pulling or sucking it up through your pain and body

  • No matter where the breath starts, always draw it through the area, into the heart, and out the other side of the channel

  • Feel your body and pain waking up to the energy – let it feel good

  • Allow yourself to relax

  • Focus on feeling the sensations and not on the story about the sensations

  • Simply Be. Allow your body to heal.


Morter, S., The Energy Codes: The 7-step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life, 2019.

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