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Breathwork Practice #4 – Body Activation Breathing

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

What is body activation breathing?

Body activation breathing is a practice to enliven our physical and energetic bodies. Simple belly breathing is at the core of this practice; however, we take belly breathing to a new level by incorporating muscle contractions in conjunction with the breath. It is helpful to visualize the body divided into three segments –

1) the lower body - the toes to the top of the hips

2) the torso - the top of the hips to the shoulders, including the arms

3) the head and neck - top of shoulders to top of head

Photo by Jason Hogan on Unsplash; edited by Kyle Wallace

Benefits of body activation breathing:

Body activation breathing brings our system to life, activating our energy flow by clearing blockages and revealing subtle vibrations inherent to our being. This practice is foundational to healing the body and ridding it of pain and discomfort (see our Healing Through Breath practice for more info). This practice will leave you feeling awake and energized, ready to express your highest self.

Body Activation Breathing How To:

  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position

  • Keep good posture

  • Empty the lungs

  • Breath through the nose (except on the sigh out)

  • Squeeze all the muscles of the lower body (segment 1 – toes to hips)

  • As you squeeze, inhale up from the ground through this area – follow the breath through the feet as if your squeeze were pulling the breath up through the hips

  • Draw the breath to the top of your hips

  • Then without releasing your squeeze, exhale out and up into the atmosphere

  • As you take a second inhale, add to your squeeze the muscles of your torso (segment 2 – hips to shoulders, including the arms)

  • Follow the beath inch by inch from the ground, up through segment 2, and release it out and up without relaxing your squeeze

  • On your third inhale, add the head and neck (segment 3 – top of shoulders to top of head) to your squeeze – a full-body squeeze

  • Follow the breath all the way up from the ground to the top of your head and hold it for a moment

  • Then exhale out of the top of your head with a big sigh out and up into the atmosphere as you relax your squeeze

  • Feel the energy circulating through your system

  • This is 1 cycle – 3 progressive squeezes and 3 breaths up and out

  • Repeat for 2 more cycles

  • On the final breath of your third cycle, release the breath out and up without relaxing your squeeze

  • Hold your final full-body squeeze as you take an inhale through the top of your head, down through the entire body, and release it down and out into the earth as you relax your squeeze

  • Feel your entire body circulating with life


  • Focus on following the breath as if your squeeze were pulling or sucking it up through your body

  • Progressively add to your squeeze with each breath; do not release your squeeze until after your third breath of cycles 1 and 2 and after your fourth breath of cycle 3

  • Feel your body and energy waking up – let it feel good

  • Allow yourself to relax with each sigh out

  • Simply Be. Enjoy!


Morter, S., The Energy Codes: The 7-step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life, 2019.

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